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LaunchPad7 is the closest thing you’ll get to working from home… with great company and without ammi’s errands. Why don’t we actually want to work from home? Our comfort zones tend to take us for granted; running to the market for eggs, driving the sibling to tuitions, accompanying the electrician as he works on that tricky wiring and having to sit with the unannounced guests. And what with the constant reminders of chores we should get done since we’re at home, the work gets too many breaks.

That’s where LaunchPad7 comes in. We wanted to create a comfortable workspace like coworking space with all learning resources alongside any other ones available at immediate reach where you get the comfort of home and the pleasure of company without the obligation of actually having to interact. Unless you want to!

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6 Major Reasons: To Choose LaunchPad7


Central location in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.


Relaxing and gaming enviroment.
Bean Bags, Table Tennis, Monopoly, Dart Board, Chess, Xbox


Cosy and Less officy work Environment.


Co-living facility.


Activity Hub over the weekend promoting network.


Food Arena.

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